2 Phase Challenge

The Peak

Embark on Your Trading Journey With Alpine Funded

It crafted for those ready to push their limits and unlock advanced funding opportunities. This comprehensive, two-phase challenge is your route to showcasing advanced trading proficiency and securing a more prestigious funded account, reflecting a deeper commitment and higher potential rewards.

Our Rules

Peak Challenge Rules

Tackle the Peak Challenge with a clear understanding of the rules guiding your climb:

Daily and Total Loss Limits

Flat Daily Loss: 4% and Total Drawdown Limit: 8% in Phase 1 and 4% in Phase 2 - based on balance.

2 Phase Profit Target

Phase 1 Profit Target: Secure an 8% profit. Phase 2 Profit Target: Aim for a 5% profit.

Minimum Trading Days

Engage for a Minimum of 5 Days across both phases, demonstrating consistent activity & strategy.

Leverage Options

Maximize with 1:100 Leverage, enhancing your trading approach with increased flexibility.

Key Benefits

The Peak Benefits

The Peak Challenge isn’t just a journey; it’s an opportunity to unlock superior trading conditions:

Weekend Trading

Keep your positions open over the weekend, expanding your strategic options.

Refundable Fee

Invest in your growth with confidence, knowing fees can be refunded under our specific conditions.

Unlimited Trading Days

Take the time you need to reach your targets, with no pressure to rush your trading decisions.

Fast & Reliable Payouts

After your first successful trade, receive your payouts swiftly to reward your trading achievements.

Elevated Profit Share

Enjoy a generous up to 90% profit share, reflecting our commitment to your success.

Growth Opportunities

Enjoy the opportunity to scale your account up to $2M, significantly increasing your trading capital.

We await those who dare to reach beyond

Ready for the challenge? Begin your advanced ascent today and unlock the pinnacle of trading achievement.

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