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Base Camp Instant Funding

Embark on Your Trading Journey With Alpine Funded

Alpine Funded's Base Camp Instant Funding, specially designed for traders looking to swiftly demonstrate their skill and secure funding. Instant Funding accelerates your path to becoming a funded trader, offering flexibility across various account sizes.

Our Rules

Base Camp Instant Funding Rules

As you begin with Base Camp Instant Funding, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the rules that pave your path to success:

Daily and Total Loss Limits

Flat Daily Loss: 4% and Flat Total Loss: 8% - based on trailing equity to ensure prudent risk management.

EAs allowed

You're free to trade using your own Expert Advisor.

Anti-gambling policy

To prevent gambling tendencies we require to you to trade in a consistent manner.

5 minimum trading days

We require you to have at least 5 trading days.

Key Benefits

Base Camp Instant Funding Benefits

Base Camp Instant Funding introduces a host of benefits designed to support and enhance your trading potential:

Peak Upgrade Path

Upgrade from Base Camp to Peak Account, unlocking superior trading conditions and opportunities.

Unlimited Trading Days

There's no rush. Develop and execute your strategy without time constraints.

No Profit Targets

Our trails are mapped with achievable milestones. With no profit targets, the peak is within reach for every trader.

Fast & Reliable Payouts

After your first successful trade, receive your payouts swiftly to reward your trading achievements.

Elevated Profit Share

Enjoy a generous up to 80% profit share, reflecting our commitment to your success.

Community Support

Join our Discord community for support, insights, and updates throughout your challenge.

It’s a Stepping Stone to Greater Heights

Ready to take the first step? Join us at Alpine Funded and begin your ascent today.

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