What trading strategies are prohibited?

You’re encouraged to explore various trading methodologies, whether it’s Support/Resistance, Candlestick Patterns, EA’s, Supply/Demand, or Smart Money Concepts.

We acknowledge that the most successful traders hail from diverse backgrounds with unique strategies.

However, on all Challenges and Funded Accounts, certain strategies and approaches are prohibited:

  • Grid Trading or Grid Trading Softwares
  • Martingale Trading Or Martingale EA’s
  • Latency Arbitrage
  • Hedging Orders Across Multiple Accounts
  • Exploiting Volatility Of News By Guaranteeing Limit Order Fills
  • Using Delayed Data Feeds For Risk-Free Profit
  • Copying Signals/System or Engaging in Copy Trading Amongst Multiple Users
  • Third-Party Account Management


Engaging in speculative trading: Successfully navigating through a challenge phase doesn’t involve relying on speculative maneuvers. According to Alpine Funded guidelines, speculative trading entails:

  • Executing over 50% of your trades with a hold time of less than one minute.
  • Initiating five positions within a losing trade, including both the initial entry and any subsequent positions.
  • Committing to a single market direction and maintaining that stance until either success or failure is determined.
  • Having open positions with a total risk of 3% or more at any time.

We aim for transparency regarding acceptable trading styles. Strategies listed above are prohibited on all Challenges and Funded Accounts due to their inability to replicate real market conditions, reliance on demo environments, or their tendency to exploit the system. Not following these rules will result in an account loss.