Are Expert Advisors (EAs) allowed?

Expert Advisors (EAs) are allowed but with specific restrictions aimed at ensuring fair trading practices and risk management. The use of EAs that engage in the following activities is prohibited:

  1. Scalping during the rollover-night: Using market or pending orders to scalp during the nighttime rollover period is not allowed.
  2. Grid Trading: EAs that implement grid trading strategies are prohibited.
  3. Martingale Strategies: EAs that use martingale betting strategies, which involve increasing bet sizes after losses, are not permitted.
  4. Guaranteed Limit Order Fills: EAs that guarantee limit order fills are also disallowed.
  5. Identical Strategy Use: Using EAs that employ the same strategy as other traders on demo accounts is prohibited. This is to avoid market manipulation and ensure diversity in trading strategies.

Additionally, EAs must not perform activities such as:

  • Copying trades of other person’s signals.
  • Tick scalping.
  • Latency arbitrage trading.
  • Reverse arbitrage trading.
  • Hedge arbitrage trading.
  • Using emulators.

Violations involving these types of EAs on demo accounts may lead to account cancellation, banning, and forfeiture of any earnings as stipulated in the terms of the contract.

This set of guidelines is designed to maintain the integrity and fairness of the trading environment at Alpine Funded, ensuring that all participants use EAs in a manner that aligns with ethical trading practices.

When considering the use of trading robots (Expert Advisors – EAs), it’s important to be aware that employing a third-party EA could mean sharing the same strategy as other traders. This could lead to potential issues such as denial of evaluation or payout, and even the closure of your account due to conflicts arising from identical strategies being used by multiple users.

You are allowed to use trade-copiers.

Note: These restrictions apply to all Challenges and Funded Accounts