What are the criteria for an eligible trading day? – Base Camp

A trading day is defined by executing trades that are consistent with a trader’s declared strategy and fall within a specific lot size range. This range is calculated using the trader’s average trade size: adding 100% to determine the maximum value and subtracting 75% to determine the minimum value. For example, if a trader’s average trade size is 20 lots, trades between 5  and 40 lots would meet the criteria for a normal trading day.

Average lots over all trades: 20 lots

Range Calculation:
Minimum: 20×0.25 = 5 lots
Maximum: 20×2 = 40 lots

Closed trades outside this range may not count and could result in deductions from a payout. It is important for traders to maintain genuine trading activity. Superficial trading, such as placing minimal trades just to meet the minimum day requirement or using placeholder trades that do not reflect genuine strategy, will not be considered as meeting the trading day criteria. This ensures that all trades are substantial and aligned with the trader’s true strategy, encouraging meaningful and strategic trading engagement.