Do you have a consistency rule? – Base Camp

On the Base Camp Instant Funding Account they must maintain lot and profit consistency, with lot sizes needing to stay between 0.25 and 2.0 times their average trade size. This requirement helps ensure that trading practices remain disciplined and risk is managed effectively.

Lot Size Consistency Range Calculation:

  • Total Lot Volume Traded/Trades Executed: Lot Size Average
  • Lot Size Average x 0.25: Bottom Of Consistency Range
  • Lot Size Average x 2.00: Top Of Consistency Range

The range is calculated by adding 100% to your average trade size to find the maximum allowed lot size and subtracting 75% to find the minimum.

Profit Consistency:
50% of total account profit can’t come from a single trade. If this is the case, the trade that breaches this rule will be deducted from your profit.