What is the maximum total and daily drawdown? – Peak

The maximum total drawdown limit serves as a fundamental risk management tool in Alpine Funded’s trading challenges, setting strict boundaries on potential losses to foster responsible trading.

  • The maximum total drawdown is uniformly on all Peak Challenges and Funded Accounts set at 8% of the highest balance or equity across all challenge and funded phases. An 8% decrease from the peak equity at any time indicates a drawdown rule violation.
  • The daily drawdown limit on all Peak Challenges and Funded Accounts is consistently 4% of the highest equity or balance reached during the day, applicable across all phases. This structure is aimed at enforcing disciplined risk management by ensuring traders do not exceed the set loss percentage, thus protecting their capital and supporting sustainable trading practices. This drawdown is calculated in real time and monitored based on Eastern European Summer Time.

These measures are important in enforcing disciplined risk management across all stages of the trading challenges, helping traders manage significant market exposure carefully and sustainably.