Become an institutional trader with us!

1. What is the partnership about?
We have partnered with a leading Swiss Asset Management firm to offer top traders an exclusive opportunity to advance their careers. This partnership allows exceptional traders to secure an institutional position and even create their own funds.

2. How can I become eligible for this opportunity?
To become eligible, you need to trade with us and demonstrate your skills. Our team will monitor your performance, and top traders will be contacted with more information about the opportunity.

3. What are the benefits of this partnership for traders?
Traders who prove their skills can gain:
– An institutional trading position.
– The opportunity to create and manage their own funds and certificates.
– Access to professional resources and support from an established asset management firm.

4. Do I need specific qualifications or experience to participate?
While specific qualifications are not mandatory, having a strong trading background and a proven track record will significantly enhance your chances of being noticed and selected.

5. How will my trading performance be evaluated?
Your trading performance will be evaluated based on various metrics, including consistency, risk management, profitability, and overall trading strategy. Our team will review your trading history to identify top performers.

6. What happens after I am identified as a top trader?
Once you are identified as a top trader, our team will contact you with detailed information about the next steps. This may include discussions about the potential institutional position and the process of setting up your own fund and certificates.

7. What support will I receive if I am selected for an institutional position?
Selected traders will receive comprehensive support, including access to advanced trading tools, resources from the asset management firm, and guidance from industry experts to help you succeed in your new role.

8. Can I open my own fund if I am not selected for an institutional position?
The opportunity to open your own fund is typically reserved for top traders who have demonstrated exceptional skills and performance. However, we encourage all traders to continue improving their skills and performance for future opportunities.

9. How can I start trading with you to prove my skills?
To start trading with us, you need to sign up on our platform, complete the necessary registration steps, and begin trading. Our team will automatically monitor your performance.

10. Who have you partnered with?
While we cannot disclose the name of the asset management firm we have partnered with due to confidentiality agreements, selected traders will have the opportunity to engage closely with and understand the operations of this reputable and well-established firm.

11. Who can I contact for more information?
If you have any additional questions or need more information, please contact our support team at [email protected]